3-Compartment Food Containers


Packing lunches has never been easier than with EasyLunchboxes and its original, 3 compartment stackable lunch containers. Originally designed by a mom, the bento box design of this 3 compartment food container makes it the perfect lunch containers for kids lunch box and on the go! Each compartment of this lunchable container fits a whole meal with small, medium, and large sections – also making it the ideal food container set for meal prep! These divided lunch containers with lids are easy to clean, as well as microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe. The variety of fun colors in Classic, Pastels, Brights, and more also make it lunch box containers kids love! Made with durable, BPA-free materials, your divided lunch container will lock in freshness all day long and is a great lunch tupperware option. Stackable, compact, and easy to store, EasyLunchboxes Reusable 3-Compartment Food Containers will soon be your favorite food storage option!


  • THE ORIGINAL DESIGN: EasyLunchboxes are often imitated, never duplicated. It’s durable, compact, and the original stackable, portable, and reusable way to prep healthy snacks for school, work, or on the go.
  • BUILT-IN PORTION CONTROL: Featuring small, medium, and large compartments, this divided lunch container offers perfect portion control. Its generous compartments can fit an entire entree or sandwich, and the bento box design is a mess-free way to store food for all ages. 
  • EASY-OPEN LIDS & STORAGE: This pack of plastic lunch containers comes with various colored lids that lock in freshness. With its stackable design, this food container set is easy to store, and its tabbed lid makes it easy to open for toddlers, kids, and adults!
  • MICROWAVE, FREEZER, & DISHWASHER SAFE: These lightweight BPA-free containers are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe. Designed by a mom to be easy to use, clean, pack, and store – it’s perfect to use as a meal prep container or reusable lunch container!
  • WHAT YOU GET: Set of 4 EasyLunchboxes, 3-Compartment Plastic Lunch Containers with Lids, and customer support.


  • Size: 9.4 in x 6.1 in x 2 in 
  • Large Compartment: 2.5 cups 
  • Medium Compartment: ¾ cups 
  • Small Compartment: ½ cups
  • Weight: 2.5 lb (10 pack), 1 lb (4 pack)
  • Material: Non-toxic, food-safe polypropylene (PP)